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Team Applicationsistock_65165965_large

      • Module A: Typology and the Team’s Environment—Examination of what key stakeholders expect of the team (8 pp.) (Workbook)  (Print only)
      • Module B: Typology & Teamwork Within the Team—Comparison of member’s Type Mode Profiles,
        work experience and team goals (8 pp.) (Workbook) (Print only)
      • Module C: Planning Improved Team Performance—Action planning for enhanced performance
        based on Modules A & B (12 pp.) (Workbook) (Print only)
      • Promoting Team Effectiveness: 3-Modules, Package of 12 each of Modules A, B and C Workbooks, plus a Facilitators Guide. (Print only)

Two-Person Applicationshutterstock_84198358

  • Type and Relationship—Comparison of Type Mode Profiles leading to exploration of relationship (7 pp. + 1 pg. graphic) (Workbook) (Print only)


individappApplications for Individuals

  • Individual Type Mode Profile Workbook #1—Type Mode strategies for individual development (12 pp) (Workbook) (Print only)

    Other Products

    Presentation Materials

    • 27″ x 30″ Type Mode Deployment Poster
    • SL-TDI PowerPoint Presentation– Full Set, comprehensive treatment of SL-TDI, including psychometrics (35 pp) (PDF or PowerPoint)
    • SL-TDI Power Point Presentation – Basic Set, coverage of all key concepts of the SL-TDI (12 pp.) (PDF or PowerPoint)


    • Handout: Brief Definitions of the Eight Type Modes™
    • Handout: Type Mode Deployment Graphic™

    Community Resources

    • Various free materials from the Provider community


    *Products are only available to Singer-Loomis Providers

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