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Providers Central is a password protected area for Singer-Loomis Providers. Within this area, Providers can purchase Singer-Loomis Access Codes and products, obtain free resources contributed by members of the Provider Community, read the most recent blog entries for or by Providers, get information about Technical FAQs, and easily contact Moving Boundaries. This area is free to all Singer-Loomis Providers.

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We deliberately incorporated a wealth of information about the Singer-Loomis in the website – information a professional visiting the Moving Boundaries site can easily access.

We want potential providers to know as much as they wish to know about the Singer-Loomis before deciding to become a Singer-Loomis Provider.

We believe in transparency about:

  • How the Singer-Loomis Type Deployment Inventory is designed
  • Why the design was created when several forced-choice Psychological Types existed and were hugely popular
  • Why being based solely on variables that are measured, the Singer-Loomis can offer far more individualized results
  • How the Singer-Loomis is carefully keyed to personality concepts created by Carl Jung.



The Moving Boundaries website is designed to serve three different groups of individuals, those who want to:

  • 1) Take the Singer-Loomis,
  • 2) Learn about the Singer-Loomis and possibly become a Singer-Loomis Provider,
  • 3) Administer the Singer-Loomis and associated materials to their clients.

Group #1: To those seeking to take the Inventory, buttons saying “Do Inventory” were placed in various places on the website. When a “Do Inventory” button is clicked, the individual is taken to a page that:

  • A) Provides suggestions about how to prepare to take the inventory,
  • B) Provides answers to three frequently asked questions: What is in it for me to take the Inventory?, What is the Inventory Designed to Do?, What is the Inventory Not Designed to Do? and
  • C) When “Do Inventory” is clicked on this page, the individual is taken to the Singer-Loomis software and can begin doing the Inventory.

Group #2: This is a diverse set of professionals including:

  • Educators looking for a personality inventory to use in a college class;
  • Trainers looking for a personality inventory to use in a training program;
  • Consultants who administer a personality inventory to a team, organizational unit or even entire organization;
  • Professionals who do executive coaching, life coaching or career planning;
  • Therapists and pastoral counselors working with individuals and couples; and,
  • Individuals seeking the assistance of a Singer-Loomis Provider to address an issue or concern that would involve administering the Singer-Loomis.

To serve these various interests, an unusually large amount of information about the history, design, features and psychometrics, associated with the Singer-Loomis has been provided. In addition, for those who are considering becoming a Singer-Loomis Provider, information about how to become a provider and training options has been incorporated. Lastly, there is a “Contact Us” area with information about the Moving Boundaries organization and a listing of independent professionals who offer services related to the Singer-Loomis Inventory.

Group #3: Singer-Loomis Providers. To serve these professionals two different password protected areas are available.

  1. A PROVIDER’S PORTAL that goes directly to the Singer-Loomis software and makes available a variety of functions a Provider needs to administer the Inventory.
  2. PROVERS CENTRAL, an area that makes it easy to purchase Singer-Loomis Access Codes, application oriented products, review technical FAQ’s and pursue a variety of other options, such as identifying a member of the Provider’s Community to ask to join them on a project, etc.

These two areas are available only to Singer-Loomis Providers and intended to support them exclusively.

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