Design of Inventory

Innovation and Refinement

    • New Targets of Data Collection
      • Data collection keyed to eight Type Modes (the Introverted or Extraverted expression of each of the four Type Functions–Sensing, Intuiting, Thinking and Feeling).
      • Data collection based on a 5-point scale measuring degree of usage.
    • Consistent Measurement of Concepts
      • Measures expression of the eight Type Modes in twenty different situations.
    • Acknowledging and organizing Jungian concepts based on complexity
      • Distinguishes between conceepts composed of a single variable (Type Modes), two variables (Type Functions) and four variables (Perceiving and Judging; Introverting and Extraverting) concepts.
    • Simplified data compilation to produce results
      • Transparency and simplicity in how results are obtained (no complex formulas or “if…then…”  logical statements to connect concepts in lieu of measurement).

    Assumptions Informing Design

    • Genetics and the environment influence personality expression.
    • Culture is an undeniable presence in personality assessment.
    • Personality expression always takes place in a situation or context.
    • The extraverted and introverted expression of a Type Function can be treated as if they were independent of each other.
    • Measurement,  based on magnitude of expression can simplify and make transparent the basis for a psychological type.
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