The Level B Requirement

To purchase the Singer-Loomis and become a Singer-Loomis Provider requires satisfying the American Psychological Association Level B standards for access to personality tests. The minimum requirements for Level B are a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and successful completion of a college level class in Tests and Measurements.

It is also possible to become a Singer-Loomis Provider by successfully completing the Moving Boundaries Qualification Training.

The Purpose of Level B

The Level B standard is intended to insure that the professional using the personality test or inventory is likely to:

  1. Understand the strengths and limitations of the design and measurement system employed by the test and
  2. Have an adequate education to understand the theory and concepts that inform the test or inventory.

The Level B standard serves both the client who completed the test and the test provider by seeking to prevent inappropriate interpretations of test results, especially interpretations that overstate or exaggerate the implications of the psychological test.
Moving Boundaries supports the APA Level B Standard. While Moving Boundaries is obligated to make access to the Inventory available to anyone who satisfies the Level B requirement, we encourage taking coursework beyond the minimum level and/or the additional step of completing the Singer-Loomis Qualification training to obtain an in-depth understanding of the Singer-Loomis Type Deployment Inventory and the Singer-Loomis Report. This training is designed to refine the knowledge and skill needed to help clients use the results of the Singer-Loomis to better understand his or her personality functioning and grasp the implications of this understanding in her or his life.

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