Before Doing the Singer-Loomis Inventory


2prep177026594How to Take the Inventory

  1. Set-aside 30-40 minutes to take the Inventory.
  2. Complete the Inventory in a place where you cannot be interrupted.
  3. Use the five-point scale to describe as accurately as possible what you would do in each situation.
  4. Treat each item in each situation as independent and unaffected by how you respond to other items.
  5. Use your initial response to the item in the situation, rather than deliberate.
  6. Avoid lingering over a situation or an item.
  7. Set-aside any consideration of what you “should” do and indicate what you actually would do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “in it for me” to complete the Inventory?

  • The Inventory gives you an opportunity to assess your personality as you currently experience it.
  • The Singer-Loomis Report offers a way of understanding your own patterns, your usual way of expressing your personality.
  • The Singer-Loomis Report can help you become more mindful of how your personality functions in different situations.
  • The Singer-Loomis Report provides a baseline for comparison, if you take the Inventory in the future.

What is the Singer-Loomis Designed to Do?

  • Generate a highly individualized personality assessment.
  • Describe your personality based on what you indicate you would do in 20 different situations.
  • Make it possible for you to indicate how much you would do different activities, based on a five-point scale.
  • Treat the individual completing the Inventory as a normal person.
  • Portray overall personality functioning based on how you experience yourself.
  • Provide a new definition of Psychological Type.
  • Make it possible to transition from the widely known 16 Types to a more comprehensive and individualized description of personality.

What is the Singer-Loomis NOT designed to do?

  • The Singer-Loomis is not designed to measure of intelligence.
  • The Singer-Loomis is not designed to assess emotional problems.
  • The Singer-Loomis is not designed to treat any of your responses as better or worse than others.
  • The Singer-Loomis does not treat your results in relation to a statistical standard of the “average” person.
  • The Singer-Loomis is not designed to portray how your personality “should” function.


A set of Singer-Loomis access codes is required to do the Inventory. If you are an individual seeking to do the Singer-Loomis Inventory contact a Singer-Loomis Provider to make arrangements to obtain access codes and your individualized Singer-Loomis Report.

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