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A special opportunity for a Singer-Loomis potential Provider who wants to know the Singer-Loomis from direct experience and explore the implications of the Inventory with a Moving Boundaries staff member.

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An Educational Experience for Potential Providers
This introductory package is intended for professionals who want to obtain a first-hand experience taking the Singer-Loomis Personality Test. This includes taking the Singer-Loomis on-line, obtaining the Singer-Loomis Report that describes how their personality functions and having a one-on-one consultation with a Moving Boundaries staff member. During the consultation the Moving Boundaries staff will be prepared to answer any questions about the Inventory or the Report or anything else related to the Singer-Loomis or Moving Boundaries. These are the steps involved:
1. Purchase the Introductory Package
2. Receive an e-mail from Moving Boundaries that provides a unique serial number and password (a Singer-Loomis Access Code)
3. Go to the Moving Boundaries website, click the “Do the Inventory” button  on the home page
4. Login with the serial number and password and complete the Inventory
5. Receive your 19-page, interactive Singer-Loomis Report from Moving Boundaries.
6. Review your Report and then contact Moving Boundaries (503-661-4126-Ext. 3) to make an appointment for your telephone or Skype Consultation.
7. Do the on-line consultation with a Moving Boundaries staff member and afterwards continue comparing your Singer-Loomis Report with your experience of yourself in various everyday situations.
This special offer is limited to professionals who want to learn about the SL-TDI. It is not intended for members of the general public. If you want to learn about your personality contact one of the Singer-Loomis Providers to make arrangements to do the Singer-Loomis.


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