Qualification Training


The Qualification training addresses how the Singer-Loomis can contribute to the participant’s practice and is keyed to four on-line sessions spread over four weeks. Telephone or Skype consultation is provided before Session 1, and between Sessions 1 & 2, 2 & 3 and 3 & 4. Following Session 4,  a demonstration of proficiency (completing a written test and a Skype conversation) to confirm the participant’s knowledge is included as an essential and required element of the Qualification training.



The Qualification Training is focused on understanding the Singer-Loomis Type Deployment Inventory and how to incorporate it in your professional practice–teaching, therapy, counseling or coaching. The multi-session on-line training addresses the place of Psychological Type within Jungian Psychology, the concepts incorporated in the Inventory, psychometrics and ethics of administering a personality test. Each participant is required to complete a Moving Boundaries PDF that documents her or his plan for how the Singer-Loomis will be used in their work and provide the document to Moving Boundaries, at least one week before Session 1. The training includes a one-on-one phone or Skype consultation A) before Week 1 to respond to questions and help prepare for the beginning of the training, B) between Week 1 and 2 to explore learning during Week 1 and help prepare for Week 2 and C) between Week 2 and 3 and between Week 3 and 4 for a similar purpose, plus testing at the conclusion  of the program to confirm level of understanding. (SKU = 9016)


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