Support for Research

Support for Academic Research

Discount for Researchers

Moving Boundaries provides a 30% discount on all products to individuals doing academic research that incorporates the SL-TDI. 


To obtain this discount and Singer-Loomis Access Codes to do the Inventory on-line or Singer-Loomis materials, the person must be APA Level B Qualified or have an academic supervisor who is Level B Qualified that will oversee how the SL-TDI is used in the research. If a supervisor is required, the supervisor must sign and agreement indicating that supervision will be provided by them to the researcher in the formulation, implementation and interpretation of results of the supervisee’s research.

As part of the signed agreement we require a complete hard copy (and, if available, an electronic copy) of the research and any publications based on the research be provided to Moving Boundaries for our files and that we have permission to summarize the research and its findings in our Technical Manual. As part of this agreement, appropriate reference to the author(s) will be made in the Technical Manual and the author(s) will have an opportunity to review the summary before it is incorporated in the Technical Manual

Moving Boundaries Technical Support

If requested, staff of Moving Boundaries will provide a limited amount of free technical support about how to bridge the design of the SL-TDI to the research project.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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