The Moving Boundaries website is designed to serve three different groups of individuals, those who want to:

  • 1) Take the Singer-Loomis,
  • 2) Learn about the Singer-Loomis and possibly become a Singer-Loomis Provider,
  • 3) Administer the Singer-Loomis and associated materials to their clients.

Group #1: To those seeking to take the Inventory, buttons saying “Do Inventory” were placed in various places on the website. When a “Do Inventory” button is clicked, the individual is taken to a page that:

  • A) Provides suggestions about how to prepare to take the inventory,
  • B) Provides answers to three frequently asked questions: What is in it for me to take the Inventory?, What is the Inventory Designed to Do?, What is the Inventory Not Designed to Do? and
  • C) When “Do Inventory” is clicked on this page, the individual is taken to the Singer-Loomis software and can begin doing the Inventory.

Group #2: This is a diverse set of professionals including:

  • Educators looking for a personality inventory to use in a college class;
  • Trainers looking for a personality inventory to use in a training program;
  • Consultants who administer a personality inventory to a team, organizational unit or even entire organization;
  • Professionals who do executive coaching, life coaching or career planning;
  • Therapists and pastoral counselors working with individuals and couples; and,
  • Individuals seeking the assistance of a Singer-Loomis Provider to address an issue or concern that would involve administering the Singer-Loomis.

To serve these various interests, an unusually large amount of information about the history, design, features and psychometrics, associated with the Singer-Loomis has been provided. In addition, for those who are considering becoming a Singer-Loomis Provider, information about how to become a provider and training options has been incorporated. Lastly, there is a “Contact Us” area with information about the Moving Boundaries organization and a listing of independent professionals who offer services related to the Singer-Loomis Inventory.

Group #3: Singer-Loomis Providers. To serve these professionals two different password protected areas are available.

  1. A PROVIDER’S PORTAL that goes directly to the Singer-Loomis software and makes available a variety of functions a Provider needs to administer the Inventory.
  2. PROVERS CENTRAL, an area that makes it easy to purchase Singer-Loomis Access Codes, application oriented products, review technical FAQ’s and pursue a variety of other options, such as identifying a member of the Provider’s Community to ask to join them on a project, etc.

These two areas are available only to Singer-Loomis Providers and intended to support them exclusively.


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