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Individual Type Mode Profile Workbook #1:timeperiods505546609

Short Term Experiments in Development

Provides a systematic way for and individual to build her or his own individually tailored personality description. Clarifies the role of each of the eight Type Modes within the particular personality. Concludes with the construction of an action plan designed to promote further development of a carefully identified aspect of the individuals personality. (12pp.)
The Facilitator’s Guide (4pp.) provides step-by-step descriptions of how to work with participants to complete each section of the workbook and formulate an action plan. The Facilitator’s Guide also includes alternate methods of facilitation, and other supporting information. Package of 12 workbooks includes Facilitator’s Guide.


  • Clients build their own personality description
  • Explores the different development issues involved in the Dominant, Auxiliary, Mid- and Least Developed Modes
  • Raises the issue of over and under use of Type Modes
  • Uses learning to build a developmental action plan
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Individual Type Mode Profile Workbook #1, Package of 12
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