Interpersonal Applications

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Provides a structure to explore the impact of each person’s Type Profile on the relationship between two people. Looks at the relationship from the perspective of the influence of each person’s eight Type Modes. Offers a way to explore what is shared between the individuals. Two 8-page workbooks and two recording cards are provided for each pair.


  • Links Typology to a model of relationships developed by C.G. Jung
  • Explores areas that influence how two people experience a relationship
  • Gives a visual way to understand the role of each person’s Type Profile in the relationship
  • Can be used in any relationship – a married couple, close friends, a mentor and mentee, pastoral counseling, a supervisor and subordinate or between two peers in an organization
  • Designed to clarify and promote acceptance of differences
  • Includes 12 six-page workbooks, 12 8½x11 Relationship Cards and a Facilitator’s Guide
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Interpersonal Applications, package serves 6 pairs.
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