Singer-Loomis Features

Key Characteristics

  • Formulated by Jungian Analysts: June Singer, PhD and Mary Loomis, PhD
  • Based on concepts created by Carl Jung, MD
  • Describes how personality is expressed in everyday life
  • Replaces assumptions with measurement
  • Uses a 5-point scale to measure concepts
  • Focuses on how much the individual does what the test item describes
  • Does not measure pathology
  • Measurement is keyed to twenty familiar situations
  • No forced choice or bipolar choices
  • Introduces new points of measurement: eight Type Modes™
    • the Introverted or Extraverted expression of a Type Function (Sensing, Intuiting, Thinking and Feeling)

Innovative Results Available in the Singer-Loomis Report

  • Overall Personality functioning portrayed by Type Mode Profile , a new comprehensive graphic describing personality expression
    • The Type Mode Profile  makes it easy to understand hundreds of thousands of individualized results
    • The Type Mode Profile™ makes relating individualized results to client’s everyday life possible and straightforward 
  • Results are based on the scale scores of the eight Type Modes™.
  • Identifies Singer-Loomis Personality Type™, a new formulation of Jungian Psychological Type

The Type Mode Profile™ shows the contribution of:

  • Four different ways of perceiving to overall Perceiving
  • Four different ways of judging to overall Judging
  • Four different ways of introverting to overall Introverting
  • Four different ways of extraverting to overall Extraverting
  • The Introverted and Extraverted expression of each of the four Type Functions (Sensing, Intuiting, Thinking and Feeling) to the overall Type Function
  • Each of the eight Type Modes, the Introverted or Extraverted expression of each Type Function, to the overall personality
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