Singer-Loomis Report

Singer-Loomis Reportreportcover_page_01-e1477418898476


  • Highly individualized Report tailored to the specifics of the person’s results.
  • Color graphics, multiple summaries, multiple tables and detailed text
  • Interactive structure supports learning in whatever sequence works for reader
  • Nineteen (19) pages in familiar PDF format
  • Works on desktop, tablet and phone

Portrays Overall Personality Functioning

The Singer-Loomis Type Mode Profile™ provides a unique, wholistic representation of personality functioning. This graphic image makes it possible to visualize how much each of Jung’s personality concepts influence the overall personality. Everything in the graphic is based on scale scores obtained from the individual’s description of her or his psychological activities in ordinary circumstances.

Primary Focus

  • HOW the individual:
    • Obtains Information: Perceives (4 variables; 80 data points)reportcoverwm300p
    • Draws Conclusions: Judges (4 variables; 80 data points)
    • Connects to Her or His Inner World: Introverts (4 variables; 80 data points)
    • Connects to the External World: Extraverts (4 variables; 80 data points)
    • Expresses the Four Type Functions:  Sensing, Intuiting, Thinking and Feeling (each
      based on 2 variables; 40 data points per Function)
    • Expresses Each of the Eight Type Modes and
      the Relative Impact of Each on Overall
      Personality Functioning
      :  (eight measures; 20 data points each)

Describes Singer-Loomis Psychological Type™

  • The design of the Singer-Loomis makes it possible to incorporate measured results in the structure used to create the traditional 16 Psycnological Types. The implications of doing this are to:
    • Individualize the person’s place within the population encompassed by the particular Psychological Type
    • Make transparent how the individual’s Singer-Loomis Psychological Type was established
    • Provide a bridge from the traditional 16 Types to the Type Mode Profile™
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