Support for Administering the Singer-Loomis


Providers Portal:

Direct Access to the Singer-Loomis Software

Free password protected secure and private area exclusively for Singer-Loomis Providers

User’s Guide to the Provider’s Portal 

  • 20 page document–free to all Singer-Loomis Providers
  • Step by step visual and text guide to the various support functions of the Singer-Loomis Provider’s Portal
  • Color graphics
    • Shows how to use each support function
    • Shows what results to expect
  • Document in PDF format
  • Free updates

Access to Singer-Loomis Providers Portal

Designed to support to Providers by:

  • Offering a simple but comprehensive record of:
    • Purchases of Singer-Loomis Access Codes
    • How many Access Codes have been used with clients
    • Groups or classes of individuals the Provider has identified
  • Featuring an e-mail system that can:
    • Download one or more Singer-Loomis Reports directly to the Provider
    • Send the Singer-Loomis Report to an individual client or a group of clients accompanied by an e-mail with the Provider’s personalized message
    • Easily tailor the e-mail to the particular individual or groupproviders-guide_page_01-791x1024
  • Making it possible to easily conduct research using the Singer-Loomis
    • Groups or classes of individuals that have completed the Singer-Loomis can easily be downloaded in a familiar Excel format that:
      • Has had each individual’s ID removed to insure the client’s anonymity
      • Contains all of the data used to create the Singer-Loomis report–item scores, aggregate scores for all variables (8 Type Modes; 4 Functions; Perceiving, Judging, Introverting and Extraverting)

Providers Central

Free password protected secure and private area exclusively for Singer-Loomis Providers

Direct Access to:

On-line purchasing:

  • Singer-Loomis Access Codes (a serial # and password–makes it possible to do the Inventory)
  • Other products

Provider’s Portal

In addition to being able to order Singer-Loomis Access Codes, products, review blog posts or Technical FAQ’s, obtain application ideas and free handout materials, or contact Moving Boundaries, the Provider’s Portal can be accessed from within Providers Central. All that is required is the Provider’s Portal ID and Password.s

Free handouts and application suggestions

  • Suggestions for how to use Singer-Loomis results
    • To promote individual’s understanding of self
    • To help individual understand how she or he is experienced by others
    • To help a group (students, trainees, a team in an organization) better understand interactions

Application Tips Blog

  • Suggestions and techniques for using Singer-Loomis results to promote understanding of self and mindfully engage environment
  • Heads-up about new products being developed and improvements to existing products and services
  • Forum for Providers to engage each other, share information and offer strategies for promoting client learning

Feedback to the CEO of Moving Boundaries

  • Direct feedback link insures information about improvements, suggested new applications or issues always reaches senior management
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